The first step on your path to optimal health begins with your initial consultation.  

What does an initial consultation include?

  • Assessment of your current lifestyle and dietary habits (sleep patterns, physical activity, self-care routines, stress management, etc.)

  • Structured discussion about your health concerns (areas of pain, digestive discomfort, mental agitation, family history, etc.)

  • An individualized plan to accomplish health goals (improve sleep, eliminate pain, lose weight, manage anxiety, clear skin, feel more motivated, improve memory, think more clearly, etc.). Treatment plans are carefully crafted to offer optimal ease of integrating healthy routines that work with your daily schedule.


What does a follow up consultation include?

  • Discussion of the changes you have you experienced

  • Discussion of the areas that need more attention

  • Creation of revised action plan


What does timing for an Ayurvedic consultation look like?

  • Initial Consultation: 90 minutes

  • Follow Up Appointments: 45 minutes

It is highly recommended to schedule a follow up within four weeks of the initial consultation so we can work together to implement practices and monitor changes in your healing process. Thereafter, we will offer guidance as to how many sessions will be beneficial so you can restore balance that is sustainable for your individual health and well-being.

Where do we meet?

  • livesama is based in Wellesley, MA

  • Follow-ups are offered via phone or skype